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Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Coaches Corner

Coaches for 6-18 year olds (4/5 year old coaches check the 4/5 page and basic info page under the Parents tab) 

The NJSL is a recreational/instructional league – there are many competitive leagues that kids/parents who are interested in can join

No slide tackling – additionally, players must stay on their feet (no slide kicking)

Coaches are not allowed to run up the score (please keep your average margin of victory to 5 goals maximum) - please do everything you can to keep the score under control, remember this is for the kids.  Communicate with the other coach if the game is getting out of hand.  Move players around, swap players, take players out so there can be back and forth game play.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.

If you are short players for your team, talk to the opposing coach and play 10 v 10 or swap players between teams to make it even.  

Concussion certificate - you need to be sure you  have completed the online training for your certificate.  Please email us if you have not done this (email on the front page of website at the bottom).  

Every team will be scheduled for (2) 1-hour practices per week which will be on Mondays/Wednesdays some weeks and Tuesdays/Thursdays some weeks.  For most of the practices each team will have access to ½ of a field as there will be another team at the other end.  You are welcome to play scrimmages with other teams.

Games- All coaches, assistant coaches, and players must remain on the opposite side of the field from the fans.  Each team will remain only at their own end of the field during the game with opposing team occupying the other end.  Please be sure that all players, fans and coaches remain at least 1 yard from the touch line to allow the referee’s room to work and see the lines.  Coaches must get permission from the referee prior to substituting players in the game.  Players should move to along the touch line to the half way line until the referee beckons them onto the field for substitution.

Nobody is allowed to sit or stand at either end of the field during games.  Everyone must be positioned along the touch line only.

 Soccer ball size:

4-5’s:  size 3

6-7’s: size 3

8-9’s:  size 4

10-11’s:  size 4

12-13’s:  size 5

14-18’s:  size 5

If you need to purchase a soccer ball, please buy the appropriate size.  Any size may be used, but I strongly encourage that you supply your child with the size that that they will play with in games.  It is not mandatory that your child have their own ball, but we will practice many drills that require each child to have a ball and if your child needs to share, they will miss out on some important practice time.

Tell parents your name and give them your contact information.  Also tell them your assistant coach’s name. Tell parents that if any of them have any questions or concerns that they need to discuss you that they should contact you. 

Thunder and/or lightning rule - a coach cannot call a game the referee has to at the field at the start of the game. 

Practice - 
If the weather is severe for practice, you may cancel practice.  NO RAINOUTS!!!!! See policy in the 2017 newsletter.

If it is just raining, practice and games will continue.  (One time there was snow and hail - we play.)

Do not yell at the referee
s.  Many of the referees are students.  Please don’t discourage them using an overbearing tone.  Treat them as if they were your own children refereeing the game.

If a parent(s) gets out of hand at a game, as the coach, if you know the parent(s) please deal with the parent(s), the referee does not know the parent(s), you do because you are coaching their kid. Referee has the authority to eject anyone who is interfering with the game, to include inappropriate comments, insults etc....

Jerseys ($20.00) - Final jersey sales will be the week before the first game.  Monday and Tuesday in Jackson Wednesday and Thursday i in Canal Fulton. Time and Locations to be announced in the Fall 2017 Newsletter. A jersey is required for all players.  The uniform is not included in the registration cost.  

 - Shinguards must be worn for practices and games.  Socks need to be separate from shinguards and must completely cover the shinguards.  

 - It is not mandatory that players wear cleats.  Cleats may not have a "toe" cleat.  If your child has shoes with a toe cleat, it can be cut off and the shoe may be used.

A coach can call practice if the weather is severe.  If there is thunder or lightning for practice, a coach will call it.  Safety is always first. 

Do not yell at the referees.  Many of the referees are students.  Please don’t discourage them using an overbearing tone.  Treat them as if they were your own children refereeing the game.

Parents for each team help with halftime drink and post game snacks.  The coach should set up a rotation and send it to you and provide you with any allergies on your team.  

REFUND POLICY – It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to inform the NJSL of a refund request, before August 19th.  Refunds will be given only in the following circumstances: 1) the family moves out of town, or 2) a written doctor’s excuse presented  before August 19th, or, 3) a registrant cannot be placed on a team. Special consideration is given to NJSL players who try out and are placed on a local high school soccer team.  NO refunds for ADULT DIVISION. 





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