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Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Code of Conduct

Northwest Jackson Soccer League


The mission of the Northwest Jackson Soccer League is to provide a friendly, fun, educational, positive, and safe environment for recreational youth and adult soccer players in and around Stark County Ohio. 

For our players, we strive to develop soccer skills through voluntary coaches, clinics, practices and games.  Our hope is each player has the opportunity to develop individual and team skillsets to their highest level of ability while gaining a sound understanding playing the sport of soccer with dedication, determination, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship and comradery on and off the field.  Our coaches are competitive, voluntary, securely background checked and likeminded chosen to teach players mental, strategic, and technical fundamentals of the game for every involved player while assuring focus on school and work life balance.

CODE OF CONDUCT:  Players, Coaches, Officials, Spectators and Board Members

For 40 plus years, the Northwest Jackson Soccer League continues their efforts to improve competitive recreational soccer enjoyment for all parties involved – Players, Coaches, Parent (Families), and Board.  To this end, the Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL), institutes this Code of Conduct and Mission Statement to guide us for years to come as a professional recreational organization in the soccer community.  The Code of Conduct is oversighted by the Executive Board to review, maintain and uphold all misconduct and disciplinary action.  The Executive Board reserves the right, upon review, to issue warnings, suspensions, and removal from participation the organization given the violation of conduct.  In most cases, to ensure the integrity of the league, fostering an encouraged and professional environment for all, all code of conduct is written to be understood as Zero Tolerance.

1.     Know and understand the rules of the game.  NJSL adapts to most International Football and Ohio High School Athletic Association(s) rules and laws.  NJSL reverse the right to review and accommodate rules and regulations based on the best interests of all involved with our organization.

2.     All Coaches, Players, and Spectators shall support and adhere to the Referee as the Referee has full authority and control of the playing field.  All Referees are trained (even licensed in most, if not all cases, although not required by NJSL).

3.     NJSL, Coaches, Players and Spectators respect the rights of all participants regardless of gender, age, cultural or religious backgrounds.

4.     To ensure that the health, well-being, and development of our athletes take precedence over the spirt of winning or losing, to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for practice and competition.

5.     Understanding that NJSL provides an opportunity for competitive recreational soccer acknowledging that all players, coaches, and opponents inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

6.     That all participants of the NJSL whether playing, officiating, coaching, volunteering, or spectating, represent a code of honor, integrity, respect, fair-play and coaching sportsmanship for the game, each other, and the organization.

7.     Assure that every athlete has equal time to develop and participate in skill activities, practices and competition

8.     Encourage positive sportsmanship by demonstrating constructive comradery, support, and respect for all players, teammates, parents, coaches, referees, spectators and all involved with our organization

9.     All NJSL participants, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents (families), players, and spectators are expected to uphold these policies while portraying positive sportsmanship to all field participants including the referee(s) regardless of their age or experience.

10.  To honor the spirt and integrity of the game.

11.  Restrain from the use of profanity, abusive or condescending language, gestures or actions which creates a negative impact on you or the organization

12.  Refrain from race inequality or judgement of others

13.  The use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products are indefinitely prohibited for use on and off the field of play and during the time of the NJSL season.

14.  To serve as a role model, holding yourself accountable and to the highest level of standards

15.  To ensure that all plays are acted upon providing the safest possible play for each other, not to cause harm or injury to those you may compete again.

16.  Lead by example to be fair, consistent and professional always in all activities and decisions associated with NJSL

17.  Listen to one another (coaches, players, board member, officials) respectfully for the greater good and learning environment of the organization

18.  Adhering and submitting to clear and approved background check, completion of concussion and Lindsay’s Law training, required by the organization in adherence to state requirements prior contact with organized players and teams or performing any coaching duties.

19.  To listen to players concerns and questions, helping them to develop and grow in every possible way.

20.  To immediately report any allegation of abuse, molestation, sex or other heinous activity to the executive board for proper investigations and reporting to authorities.



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