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Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL)

NJSL Youth Fall Soccer Season Registration

NJSL Youth Fall Soccer Online Registration Opens April 6, 2024

Registration for the Northwest Jackson Soccer League (NJSL) fall soccer season will open online at 12 AM April 6, 2024. We are delighted that you are interested in having your child participate in our recreational soccer league, and our goal is to make the registration process as easy and efficient as possible.

Important Dates for the 2024 Season

  • July 20 - coaches kick-off
  • July 29 - practices start for ages 6+ (see 4/5 League for other dates)
  • August 17 - games begin
  • August 25 - picture day
  • October 19 - final games

Please familiarize yourself with the following:

Additional information about the Youth League

  • Online Registration: Online registration begins in early April and will continue through mid to late June based on availability in each age group. You may register and pay online. There will be no in-person registration this season.

  • Cost: $50 for the first child, and $30 for the second child. Maximum registration cost per family for the youth soccer program is $80. There is no charge for additional children beyond the first two registered children, though all participants must be fully registered.
  • Scholarships: Our goal is to ensure that anyone who wishes to participate may do so without regard to ability to pay. If you require financial assistance, please email us at [email protected] and request a scholarship. Due to limited availability of scholarship funds, we ask that only those with a significant financial need request assistance.

  • Birth Certificates: Birth certificates will no longer be required by NJSL, but NJSL reserves the right to require any player to produce a birth certificate to prove the player's stated age at the discretion of the NJSL board.

  • Practices: Practices are held weekly during the season. Coaches will typically inform players and their parents/guardians of practice times through one or more of several channels of communication. We encourage players and their caregivers to establish and maintain communication with their child's coach. Typical practice schedules are one hour on two weekdays (Monday through Thursday) with times ranging from 5:30-8pm.
  • Games: Youth games are held weekly during the season on Saturdays at Jackson North and South Park. Field assignments will be announced by coaches to their team during the week prior to a game.

    Referees and NJSL league officials have the authority to cancel or suspend games due to weather conditions. Lightning and/or thunder WILL cause all games to be suspended or canceled. NJSL does not play during lightning or thunder or for thirty minutes after the last occurrence of EITHER lighting or thunder. The decisions of referees and league officials are final. Parents and fans should refrain from any attempts to persuade league officials to allow play in violation of this rule. The safety of all league participants is our foremost concern. We will do our best to communicate with coaches and participants if conditions clearly will not permit play. Please ensure that you update your communication preferences on Blue Sombrero and with your coach(es) so that you receive any messages. If you do not receive a notification of cancellation of a game, you should assume that the game will be held--though emerging weather or field conditions may necessitate game cancellations after participants have arrived to the field.

  • Player, Coach, and Spectator Behavior: NJSL is a recreational league. We expect participants to have fun while improving their skills and improving their personal fitness. Parents/guardians and spectators should behave in a sportsmanlike manner and should refrain from engaging in unsupportive or negative comments or vocalizations. We encourage spectators to allow coaches to do the coaching and to refrain from coaching from the sideline. Encouragement is welcome, but coaching should be left to the coaches.

    League referees and officials may remove any player, coach, or spectator from the premises for violations of league rules or egregious violations of the rules of play. The decisions of league officials is final, and failure to comply may result in a suspension of play, further sanctions, and the filing of a police report for trespassing (if warranted). All registrants will be required to read and affirm the NJSL Code of Conduct prior to registration for the new season.

  • Jerseys and footwear: NJSL uses green and yellow short-sleeved jerseys. Coaches will announce to their players prior to game day which color their team should wear for the game. Jerseys, including reversible jerseys, from prior years may be worn, and players are not required to purchase a new jersey each season if they already have one from a prior year. Jerseys are available for sale for $20 and will be available for purchase (cash or check only) in August at times/locations to be announced. YOU MAY ALSO PRE-ORDER A JERSEY AT REGISTRATION. Shinguards must be worn and covered by socks that are separate from the shinguard. Cleats cannot have a toe-cleat.
  • Ball Sizes per age group:
    4-5’s:  size 3
    6-7’s: size 3
     8-9’s:  size 4
     10-11’s:  size 4
    12-13’s:  size 5
     14-18’s:  size 5
  • Refunds: Requests for refunds will only be made for one of the following four reasons: 1) Family moves out-of-town; 2) Written doctor's excuse presented before August 17; 3) Player cannot be placed on a team; or 4) Players who try-out and make a local high school soccer team AFTER registering for NJSL. No refunds are available for the adult league.
  • Lindsey's Law: Ohio Senate Bill 252 (aka Lindsey's Law) is a public health law in Ohio that went into effect in 2017. The law requires that all coaches, parents/guardians, and players must watch a required 16 minute video available on our website, be provided a copy of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) informational handout, and sign an acknowledgement that the coach, parent/guardian, or student has received the handout and watched the video.

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a medical condition that is fatal if it is not treated immediately. It's important that all participants in youth athletic activities recognize the signs of SCA and know how to respond. All players, parents/guardians listed on registration, and coaches must complete the acknowledgment BEFORE participating in any league activities.
  • Coaches: NJSL relies on the selfless commitment of its many volunteer coaches. We simply could not provide this wonderful recreational soccer experience to hundreds of youth and adult players without the support of our coaches.

    WE NEED COACHES! Experience coaching soccer is not a prerequisite to coaching for Northwest Jackson Soccer League. All you need is a commitment to making soccer enjoyable for participants, a willingness to learn, and several hours per week for about ten weeks. That's it! If you aren't comfortable going it alone as a coach but would be willing to help out as an assistant, please let us know! We need your help, too!

    All coaches are required to undergo a background check at the expense of Northwest Jackson Soccer League. Persons interested in coaching must complete the background check form prior to engaging in any coaching-related activities. A background check is no substitute, however, for continuous vigilance by players, parents/guardians, other coaches, and spectators. If you see something, say something. Concerns may be reported to league officials, coaches, or local law enforcement as appropriate. The safety of all participants is our foremost concern.
  • Referees: Soccer referees are important to the conduct of our league and to providing opportunities for young officials to gain experience on the field. REFEREES ARE NOT PERFECT, AND THEY WILL MAKE MISTAKES. That is part of the natural learning process and is both unavoidable and instructive to all involved. There will be times in life where the decisions of others adversely affect our interests. Learning how to respond constructively under such circumstances helps young players to build character. Likewise, making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process for young officials. NJSL assesses all officials several times throughout the season and strives to provide constructive criticism to help young referees to improve their skills.

    We ask that all coaches, players, and spectators refrain from heckling, criticizing, or otherwise disparaging league referees. If you  have concerns about a particular incident that you feel should be brought to the attention of the league, please visit the comments page the NJSL website and leave your respectful but detailed comment describing your concern. The appropriate league official will reply to your concern within three business days.

    WE NEED REFEREES! NJSL will pay for the training expenses for new referees who meet certain requirements. Please learn more on the Referees page.


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